About Us

As ARVI, which combines the ancient traditions of Anatolia, where the art of jewelry was born, with today’s perspective, we are proud to serve you since 1988. By bringing the wisdom and experience of these lands to the present, we transform the precious stones and metals that we have carefully selected for you into jewellery. We offer you our ring, necklace, bracelet and earring models in our store in Istanbul and with our online sales option.

We carry the service and product quality one step further by testing our jewelery with laboratory analysis and preparing it under the leadership of our expert team. We do not leave you alone in your jewelery selection, we provide support at every stage of the process and bring our valuable customers together with our precious jewels.

As the ARVI family, which blends the past and the future, always updates itself but does not break with its ancient traditions, we introduce you to our 35 years of experience by bringing together precious stones and metals.

ARVI, the visible face of the value you give to your loved ones…